' Aha Huali Hawaiian Kiawe Honey

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Smooth Kiawe honey is a very rare, world renowned, white honey. The nectar of the Kiawe tree gives the honey its unique and delightful flavor. Because it is not whipped or creamed and, thus, remains unprocessed or raw, part of its fame is its exquisite texture. 

All raw honeys will eventually crystallize, however the speed that Kiawe honey crystallizes presents special difficulties and opportunities. Beekeepers must continually monitor the hives so as to collect the honey after the bees have completed their processes, but also before it crystallizes in the comb. This means many small batches are harvested according to timing dictated by the honey. Master crafters take it from here by extracting and curing the honey to produce the fine crystalline structure for which it is famous. They coax it into an ultra smooth texture while keeping the honey alive. They are therefore able to retain all the subtle flavors and benefits of pure raw honey. While it is a time consuming process, we are happy to perform this labor of love to produce this gourmet delight. large 11 oz jar.

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